I have always loved illustrating everything from cartoons to real-life people from a very young age. At the age of five, I used to hunt around the house for images to draw and would trace them by the windowsill (because I wasn't aware of the existence of tracing paper at the time. How sad. It worked nonetheless so no harm done). Magazines and newspapers fast became my reference tools and I would scour through their pages, searching for the next image I was going to draw. At the time, I did not know that it was anything special really. I mainly did it because of the love I had for the craft and how it made me feel inside and that was more than enough for me.

In primary school, my teachers discovered that I had this gift and encouraged my parents to let me harness it and back then (and this is 100% true), I thought I was the only person on this planet capable of drawing! Crazy, right? This was probably mainly because only one of my siblings showed signs of being an artist as well but other than him, I did not know of anybody else who enjoyed creating artwork as much as I did. No one else on planet Earth until the age of about 14. Yeah...well..., now I realize the reality is very different. There are so many people out there that are incredible artists who are changing the world through their artistic ability and I do tip my imaginary hat to all of those individuals whether they are fine artists, illustrators, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians....the list is endless. It is not easy to pursue a path such as that of a creative so I have mad respect for those that are staying on their grind and changing people's lives whilst at it.

As the years passed, I continued with my journey in the creative arts and my parents, being the amazing people that they are, allowed me to take it up as a subject from primary all the way to IB level and gave me support by buying me materials, taking me to galleries and even signing me up in short art courses. Even ones where I was the youngest student by far, which gave me room to learn from others that were more seasoned than myself in the art world, making my artistic skill mature incredibly quickly.


As I got older and had to start getting serious about what I wanted to do with my life, I compromised a bit on my artistic talent, opting for careers that made me seem more intelligent than art supposedly made me appear to be. For a long time, many told me that an artistic career path is only for dumb people and that I should try out other options such as architecture and civil engineering. Yo, that was definitely one of the most uncertain periods I went through in my life because I felt I no longer knew what I was made to do, despite how sure I was of it as a child. The voices of my surroundings were much louder than those of my spirit and that internal battle can be incredibly exhausting.

But like I said, the dreams of my life were planted in me since I was a child and I believe God knew that this was what I was destined to do, despite the temporary phase of confusion that I went through. Long story super short, after 3 years of unpredictability, I finally ended up pursuing and graduating with a B.A in Illustration Design and followed that with an M.A in the same. It is at this point that Keeke Art was truly born, a community where people of all walks of life can not only interact with art, but share experiences and spark conversation that is ignited by the pieces they come across as well as those that they create. You, no matter if you are a creative by profession or not, are more than welcome here because art does not discriminate against anyone. It is an innate form of expression that we are all born with and I want you to feel free to explore it no matter how crazy the world may think you look. This is your stage and life does not need to be incredibly serious 24/7. Let art take you on a journey of rediscovery and begin to feel comfortable with the person that you are deep down inside that soul of yours that only you know you can be.

So it begins, officially

As for me, now that I am out here in the real world, my aim is to reach out to people using my best and strongest illustrative skill and my storytelling ability, using these to convey messages aimed at making you experience something whether it is joy, anger, pain or humour. Interacting with art is more of an emotional experience and I hope that my work will really spark the deepest, most unexplored feelings within you. In this website as well as my social media pages, I will share my journey in creating some of my most impactful pieces and games, some of my written works as well as some dope stuff that some pretty amazing people are doing out there in the world. It will be a fun time, I guarantee you that!

Well guys, that is my story. Depending on how much you can stand reading on a screen, it was either very long, short or in-between. I hope that it was a short enough story to ignite something in you and more importantly, to make you stick around a little longer. There are so many fun things that go on in the Keeke Art Community and it would be so awesome to have you be a part of it. Plus, I would love to share your stories our platform and see how creative expression has helped you in becoming a better, stronger, more confident version of yourself. I am still looking for an interesting way to sign off...maybe I will have something concrete in the coming weeks. Until then, asante sana for reading and catch you on the Undefined Podcast!